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Legislative Advocacy
Government Relations/Legislative Advocacy

AdvoCal is especially qualified to guide its clients through the state's legislative and regulatory labyrinth, while helping to shape legislative and administrative policies that benefit the client.

Please call us at 800-446-9121 to find out more about how AdvoCal can supply your Government Relation needs.
"We Subscribe to the Code of Conduct of the Institute of Governmental Advocates. For details, click here"

AdvoCal offers its clients the best of two worlds: the energy, enthusiasm and aggressiveness of a dynamic company balanced with the maturity, sound judgment and practical knowledge gained by over three decades of experience in government, the private sector and the legislative process.

Registered lobbyists, Founder Carl Brakensiek and Steve Cattolica design government relations programs to meet the specific needs and budget of each of its clients.

Services can include:
  • Monitoring legislative and administrative activities;
  • Providing client-legislator liaison;
  • Developing a client's legislative program, including collaborative writing of proposed legislation or regulations;
  • Organizing and managing grass-roots lobbying efforts;
  • Planning strategies and political consulting;
  • Coordinating clients' appearances before legislative and administrative bodies;
  • Initiating, supporting, opposing or modifying pending legislation and administrative regulations;
  • Authoring legislative reports for the client's internal or external use.

In addition to the depth and breadth of their combined professional experience, AdvoCal's principals and associates have access to the leadership of both political parties. They also maintain a cordial and productive working relationship with legislators, staff, consultants, members of the Governor's Office and state agency and department personnel.

For those clients who need professional representation in Washington, D.C., AdvoCal works closely with several firms that provide such representation for corporate, legal and institutional clients at the federal level.